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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Services

What is the difference between residential locksmith jobs and other locksmith services?

A residential locksmith job is to look at the customer from a homeowner perspective in order to better understand the customer needs. The local building codes for residential are likely to be different from commercial space code. It is the residential locksmith job to be familiar with building codes that are relevant to lock and keys. There are a lot of different locking system options designs for residential use; a good residential locksmith is one who keeps up with what’s out there and what’s new in order to meet the need of the customers in the best way possible.

Are you sure I need a professional? Why can’t I do the job myself?

Be sure to request a residential locksmith expert to handle your home lock and security needs. Selecting the wrong expert (like, let’s say a commercial locksmith expert) can result in less than an attractive result. For example, commercial grade locks, although more sturdy and designed to take more abuse, they are often too bulky and will not look good on a residential application. It may not only look good, but you may also end up having to pay more for those locks as commercial grade locks tend to cost more.

Anyone who owns or rents a home will likely need a residential locksmith service at one point or another. After all, it is a matter of time before one will lose a key or locked the key inside the home or simply have a lock and key failure.

What are the specific services that residential locksmith can provide?

There are many services that fall under residential locksmith services category. Here are a few main residential locksmith services that we offer:

•  Lockouts.
•  Lock Rekey.
•  Lock Replacement.
•  Lock Repair.
•  Home Security Upgrade.
•  Home Security Consultation.
•  Surveillance Camera System, etc.

What should I expect to pay?

Home lockout service requires some lock picking skills and a general idea on how residential locks work. It is a very common residential locksmith service that we offer, and you should expect the cost to be range from $80 to $250, depending on how complicated the lock is to bypass as well as how many locks the locksmith must bypass in order to get you back inside your home.

You should also expect the cost to increase if the locksmith was unsuccessful at bypassing the lock without having to damage the lock in the process (in some cases, there is no way to avoid damaging the lock in the process of bypassing the lock); in this case, there is an added cost of a new lock. Home lock rekey service is an excellent way of saving money. Someone may consider having a lock rekeyed when a key to the lock has been jeopardized.

At this point, instead of replacing the lock, a locksmith can change the orientation of the lock pins to work with a new key, and the old key will no longer work. The cost to rekey a lock can vary based on the lock type and design (in other words, how complicated it is to rekey the lock).

In most cases, it is going to cost less to rekey a lock than it will be to replace a lock. The starting rate for lock rekey is $19 per lock. Home lock replacement is a service that you would want to select when it’s time to upgrade the look or the security of the locks on your home or if the locks are getting too old and beginning to malfunction in a consistent way.

You may also want to hire a residential locksmith to install new locks when you build a new home. When you consider replacing your home locks, be sure to hire a residential locksmith specialist in order to ensure proper lock installation. It doesn’t matter what kind of lock you have selected; your home security may be at risk if the lock is installed incorrectly.

What should I expect when the tech arrives?

Upon the tech arrival, everything should begin with a proper introduction between you and the locksmith who arrives at your home. After the introduction, the locksmith may ask to see your ID (for obvious reasons, we are required by law to verify the identity of whom we are about to provide locksmith services to) and ask you some questions that will help him understand your situation and the best way to help you resolve your locksmith needs. You should expect a firm handshake, professionalism, honesty, and friendliness from the locksmith who arrives at your home.

What Makes Top Locksmith different from other companies?

We carefully select the locksmiths whom we choose to work with. Our techs/contractors go through an intensive screening process, which includes a background check, credit check, and at least three reliable references before we let anyone carry our name. On top of getting screened by Top Locksmith, our techs/contractors must carry a locksmith license and certification per each state requirement. We understand the importance of your home security; it’s the reason we choose to work only with trustworthy partners.

We specialize in home security upgrade, and we even offer free home security consultation. Have a home security expert come to your home and evaluate the level of your home security, identify all the vulnerable point of entry to your home, and give you recommendation all free of charge.

What is the future of residential locksmith jobs?

When it comes to residential locksmith services, there are a lot of great things to look forward to. For example, there are locks that can be controlled remotely using a phone app, which will help avoid getting locked out of your own home, granting access to someone you trust remotely, etc. Furthermore, technology is getting cheaper, so more people can now afford to have better locks that offer more security and convenience.

Here at Top Locksmith, we keep it in the front line from day one and keep ourselves educated on new technology tools and hardware available on the market today. Whenever there is a new locksmith tool or new home lock on the market, we make sure to get our hand on it, study it, and identify the pros and cons about it. This is just part of what we do in order to stay current. In a world that moves so fast, you must do all that you can in order to stay up to date. We want to help our customers in the best way possible. We hope that you will recognize the quality and value of our residential locksmith services that Top Locksmith has to offer.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

What is the difference between a commercial locksmith service, And other locksmith services?

There are two different types of locksmith hardware used in commercial buildings, often times it’s due to codes.

A commercial locksmith needs to understand coding. Why? 1. Convenience 2. Cost Efficiency.

In order for a commercial locksmith to pick locks correctly, it’s crucial for the locksmith to understand codes. A lack of knowledge could mean improper lock installation, which would require the locksmith to return and update it. This would increase cost.

We understand coding.

What should i expect to pay a commercial locksmith?


Costs will vary depending on lock grade, and the level of services required.
With a successful bypassing of a lock, without the need to damage it, you should expect to pay around $150 to $250 for the service. However, depending on the grade of the lock and whether or not the lock simply needs to be replaced, the cost could be as little as $50 for the service.

Say your lock malfunctions, and suddenly stops working. Or perhaps it begins sticking because it’s old, or because it got damaged. Sometimes it’s just a matter of swapping the locks, but in other cases a business will need to upgrade their lock system. Either way, Call us.

Another possible situation to consider: A fire marshal arrives at your business and calls the business owner on the fact they need the business to have a push exit device. You will need a different type of locking system on that door. Call us.

A commercial locksmith should know the mastering key system. Why?

•  Convenience
•  Cost Efficiency

A master key is one key that can be used in several different locks. This is a common system used for commercial businesses, because it is more convenient in an emergency to call a manager to unlock a door, rather than spend money on additional locksmithing services. Master keys are also used for businesses that authorize access to different parts or different departments of the building, to specified employees. When a locksmith understands The Master Key System they are able to install it correctly, which will lower service costs in the long interim. We can do that.

Do I need a professional to do my commercial locksmithing?

If you are not a 100% sure about what you are doing, especially in securing a business, it’s important to call a professional locksmith to do the job. You could damage the lock system trying to pick it, or in other cases, lawsuits are a reality. It is possible for someone to sue for various reasons, such as: lacking the proper exit device and leaving someone injured as a result. Whether damaged or sued, expenses undoubtedly increase with mistakes. It’s better to call us instead of risking it.

Store fronts or larger businesses with various offices in a commercial building, choose to utilize our services. Say you have one big office in in a commercial building, and then several small offices throughout. There is a particular kind of locking system that is used in this type of building. These are not the kinds of locks you can go to a hardware store to obtain. These locks are only sold by professional locksmiths and suppliers. We have what you need.

What situations can we help you avoid?

•  Locked out of the store front of your business, with anxious employees?
•  Locked out of an interior office with no one on staff to help you?
•  Need assistance fast?

We all know mistakes happen. Say your manager was supposed to unlock the doors, but dropped the ball last minute, and lost the key. Now you have several employees standing outside with no way in to complete their tasks. You’ll need to contact someone who can be there fast, to remedy the situation. Or say you need access to an interior office that is locked, but no one is working. You still need access, so you’ll call a locksmith to come unlock it.

Lock Grades

There are three types of lock grades: Grade 1, 2, and 3. The grade system does not necessarily determine higher or lower security. The grade system is established by a manufacturing test.

Depending on how many times a lock can be latched and unlatched before failing, will determine the lock grade. That being said, grade 3 will not be as good as grade 1. The higher the grade, the lower quality the lock will be.

What is the difference between a swap and an upgrade?

They key you are currently using is compatible with the hardware of your locking system. To upgrade the system, the combination of pins inside the hardware needs to be changed. As a result, the key that once worked with that system will no longer be of use. This provides security to your business when – for example – you fire an employee and need to change your locks.

This service will save you money because it costs less to upgrade a lock, than it does to replace it. However, upgrading is not always an option. There are times we come across locks that are too old or falling apart, and while it may cost less to rekey the lock, it would be more beneficial to simply replace it. In most cases though, we recommend the more cost effective option of rekeying (upgrading) the locks.

Do you offer panic device installation services?

Yes, we absolutely do.
What should I expect to pay for this service?
Costs will vary. It depends on the type of panic bar, whether or not it’s vertical, if it’s a push latch, or a frame latch. The cost to repair a panic bar could run anywhere between $100 and $250. If costs exceed that price range – because the cost will already be so high – we will advise you to replace it, rather than have it repaired.

Automotive Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith Services

Car Lockouts

The tools of a professional locksmith have come a long way since the day of the slim jim and wire-hanger lockout solutions. If you’re locked out, our auto locksmith technicians will use the latest “air wedge” and other industry-approved car unlocking devices to get you back into your car, truck, van, or SUV in minutes with zero damage to your vehicle. Trust Top Locksmith for speedy, hassle-free auto locksmith services at all hours of the day night.

Car Key Replacements

Lost car key? Don’t even think about calling the dealership — Top Locksmith, has got you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s now possible for a technician from our 24 hour locksmith for cars to replace standard and transponder keys for almost any make, model and year of your vehicle. We’ll have your lost, broken or jammed car key made on location within minutes. We can have a new key ready for you ASAP so you can get back on the road again.

About Us

Our skilled and friendly experts can offer you a wide range of security services.

Top Locksmith provides a locksmith services in Encino, CA and the surrounding areas. We are licensed and insured, and all of our locksmiths are up to date with the latest security technology. We pride ourselves in offering a trustworthy, professional, reliable and fast service to our customers.

We are constantly updating our knowledge and skills within the security market in order to serve you better, for the most competitive prices. We will always try and diagnose a problem over the phone with you and give a free estimate for pricing based and the information given. This estimate obviously can change due to circumstances, but we are not in the business of ripping our customers off, as our reputation is everything!

With Top Locksmith, you will be quoted a fair price for high quality work and reliable hardware.

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Our locksmiths can perform the following:

  • Pick and rekey locks.
  • Make Master Key System.
  • Install, repair and replace.
  • Combination changes for safes.
  • Generate keys for filing cabinets.
  • Automotive services.
  • Duplicate laser keys.
  • Cutting keys by code.
  • Apartment key fobs.
  • Alarm and monitoring.
  • Consultation for security upgrades.
  • And much more!

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